Vintage Or New.. Which Tennis Bracelet Would You Choose?

Vintage Or New.. Which Tennis Bracelet Would You Choose?

Ronnie Malka

During the last few days at Malka Diamonds, with the morning sun shining into our jewelry cases, we watch our diamond tennis bracelets sparkle. The first image shown below is a stunning Art Deco tennis bracelet which was hand crafted in the 1920s. It houses over 5 carats of diamonds and is bezel set with milgrain work throughout. This beauty is found in our vintage and antique collection. The second image is of a 10 carat total weight diamond tennis bracelet which was made recently and is prong-set. This style setting showcases the diamonds with minimum metal shown.

These in-line diamond bracelets have been around for decades, but were officially named in the 1980s. Prior to then, They were referred to as diamond or eternity bracelets. In 1987 Chris Evert, the former World No. 1 woman tennis player and the winner of 18 Grand Slam singles titles, was playing in the U.S. Open. She was wearing an elegant, light in-line diamond bracelet which accidentally broke and the match was interrupted to allow Chris to recover her precious diamonds. The "tennis bracelet" incident sparked a new name for the item and sparked a huge jewelry trend. Tennis bracelets continued to be worn by various tennis stars like Serena Williams and Gabriela Sabatini.

art deco 1920s tennis bracelet

diamond tennis bracelet

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