Your wedding ring represents the commitment and love shared between you and your partner. At Malka Diamonds, we’ll help you find a ring you’ll treasure for life. Visit our shop on 3rd Avenue in downtown Portland.

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Custom Rings


Our master jewelry makers and certified gemologists help you design a custom wedding ring you love. Bring the ring of your dreams to life!

Designer Collections


Our selection of designer wedding rings includes pieces from Zeghani, Vatche, and Jolie. Whether you love minimal designs or ornate settings, you’ll find a ring you love!

Vintage Rings


Our hand-curated selection of vintage wedding rings is one of the largest in Portland! Timeless beauty, style, and elegance are hallmarks of our vintage collection.


Finding The Perfect Wedding Ring


Don’t settle for a wedding ring you don’t absolutely adore! Perhaps your fiance has told you about their dream ring? Maybe you have an idea of a ring they’ll love? You might not even know where to start! 

If you’ve never shopped for a diamond ring before, we’re here to help you.

At Malka Diamonds, our GIA certified gemologists can help you choose the perfect wedding ring (or design it from scratch), no matter how much or how little you know about diamonds. We love sharing our expertise and knowledge and helping you become as passionate about diamonds as we are!

Most importantly, we’re here to listen. We want to answer your questions and to make sure you find the perfect ring.

If you’re planning a surprise proposal, we’ll help you be confident that you’ve chosen the perfect design and style of wedding ring. We also love meeting with couples and helping them pick out a ring together!

“We wandered into into Malka Diamonds in downtown Portland. One look at ‘the ring’ was just like one look at ‘the one.’ I just knew.”

Jessi & Andrew

jessi and andrew

The Malka Diamonds Difference


Unparalleled Experience & Genuine Service

When you walk into our Portland store, we want you to feel like family. We want to get to know you and your partner and help you find or design your dream wedding ring.

If you’ve never shopped for diamond jewelry before, we’ll help you feel like an expert. We’ll teach you about the 4 C’s of diamonds, what to look for in a wedding ring, how to choose the right stone shape, and much more.

At Malka Diamonds, you’ll find:

  • Third-generation diamond experts and native Oregonians
  • GIA certified gemologists & a master jeweler with nearly 40 years of experience
  • Award-winning ring designs, an incredible selection of vintage wedding rings and designer collections that
  • Wedding rings with an insurance appraisal, complimentary resizing, and lifetime maintenance
“We loved your diamond store. David is amazing. He helped customize the perfect engagement ring even though I really had no idea what I even wanted!”

Jerrad & Stephanie

jessi and andrew

Frequently Asked Questions


I’ve never bought diamond jewelry before and I don’t know where to start. Can you help?

Relax and take a deep breath. Buying your wedding ring should be a fun experience that you remember fondly. You don’t have to worry and you shouldn’t feel stressed. We’ll teach you everything you need to know about diamonds and then help you find a ring you’ll cherish.


What is a GIA certified gemologist?

The GIA is the Gemological Institute of America. It’s a nonprofit institute focusing on gemology education and research. It takes 6 months of full-time study and training to become a GIA certified gemologist. It’s the highest certification available. Many Portland jewelry stores do not employ any GIA certified gemologists.

Here at Malka Diamonds, we have 2 GIA certified gemologists on staff. Between their advanced training and years of experience, they can answer all of your questions about wedding rings and diamonds.


Do I Need To Know My Fiance’s Ring Size?

Believe it or not, knowing your partner’s ring size isn’t needed! We’ve seen men who tried to be sneaky and measure their partner’s finger while they slept!  However, estimates are often very inaccurate. There’s just no substitute for an accurate ring sizing from an experienced jeweler.

The best thing to do is to bring your fiance back to our store for a final sizing after the proposal (there’s no charge of course). We want to see how much you both love your wedding ring from our Portland diamond and jewelry store!


When I buy a wedding ring, do you offer cleaning and maintenance?

Absolutely. Keeping your wedding ring clean and well-maintained will keep it looking great! We recommend a cleaning every 6 months or so. If your ring needs a little TLC just stop back by our Portland store. We’ll take care of it for no charge.


Is an appraisal needed for a wedding ring?

Without an appraisal, your ring likely won’t be insurable. To help you protect your investment,  we include a free appraisal with your wedding ring purchase. As certified GIA gemologists, we are happy to offer this service at no added cost to you. In fact, we don’t believe in adding on hidden costs or extra charges-- ever.



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