Congratulations Caitlin + Andrew On Your European Engagement!

Congratulations Caitlin + Andrew On Your European Engagement!

Vicky K

Caitlin came into Malka Diamonds to do some research for her future fiance.  She knew she wanted a 14 karat rose gold engagement ring and a conflict-free diamond.  Tessa, our skilled jeweler showed Cailtin some stunning vintage european- cut diamonds that date back decades.  Most were cut in the early 1900s.  Caitlin loved their beauty and their longevity.  Next, Tessa and Caitlin looked at the large inventory of rose gold engagement ring that Malka Diamonds' houses.  She was in between two different styles.  One was a cushion-shaped halo ring with diamonds set along the shank as well as in the halo.  The other was a four-prong solitaire with diamonds along the shank.  She went with the diamond solitaire since this was the type of ring she had always invisioned.  

After Caitlin's productive visit, it was time for Andrew to work with Tessa on the details.  Andrew contacted us shortly after and let us know he needed this piece before the European trip the two had planned.  We decided to set the vintage diamond into a temporary rose gold solitaire to make the deadline.  Once the two returned from their trip we placed the diamond into the stunning diamond shank solitaire that Cailtlin had chosen.  The two were thrilled as were we.  Congratulations to Andrew + Caitlin.  Thank you for choosing Malka Diamonds.  Caitilin has graciously shared their proposal story and photos below.  A must read!!!  

"We were in the last few days of a month-long European vacation. We had decided to end our trip at the beautiful Amalfi Coast in Italy. Our first full day there, we wanted to rent a moped and drive up the famously dangerous, but beautiful, Amalfi Coast road. Unfortunately, we woke up to grey skies and rain. After being denied a moped rental due to safety concerns, we were at a loss as to what to do that day. We stopped at our new favorite café for a snack, the weather cleared up and we were left with a beautiful, late September day.  We returned to the moped rental shop, picked up our bike, and headed out to explore the coast.

We were thoroughly enjoying our ride and the amazing views of the Italian coastline. However, Andrew seemed to be more worried than usual as to our destination or plan for the afternoon. Claiming leg cramps, Andrew pulled over to “stretch his legs”. We hopped off the bike and before I knew it, he was down on one knee pulling my beautiful engagement ring out of his sock! 

I had picked the ring out a couple of months prior and had gone with Malka specifically because of their selection of antique diamonds and wonderful customer service. With the intent to wear this piece of jewelry for the rest of my life, I was concerned about the implications of my diamond’s sourcing and decided an antique diamond was the best choice for me. Tessa at Malka Diamonds was so wonderful to work with and seemed to completely understand where I was coming from. I now have a beautiful ring as well as the piece of mind to wear it proudly.


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