Congratulations Ashley + Ryan

Congratulations Ashley + Ryan

Ronnie Malka
It was a week into this crazy COVID-19 situation when we first heard from Ashley and Ryan. They reached out via email, letting us know they had recently got engaged the weekend prior (March 15th, 2020).
With the ever-changing COVID-19 restriction, they were wondering what we were doing for people who were looking for their engagement ring. We had just started our launch of virtual visits.
We met with one couple the day before. As odd as it was, it was clearly the best way to get up close and personal with our inventory without an in-person visit in our shop.

Ryan and Ashely in Malka Diamonds story
Malka Diamonds engagement ring

Meeting with Ashley and Ryan was so fun!

They were adorable together.They looked over all of the unique one-of-a-kind vintage rings, making comments and giving them nicknames. The meeting lasted over an hour and at the end there were a few of the couples’ favorite rings placed aside. Ryan reached out at the end of the week and said they had made a decision.
They chose a beautiful Art Deco diamond ring that they both loved. When the ring arrived at their home, Ashley and Ryan shared how happy and thrilled they were with the ring and the process. They were also up for sharing their story. Below Ashley shares how they met, the engagement and more. We love everything about this story. We also really loved being part of it. Congratulations to you both! We can’t wait to meet you in-person one day soon.

"Ryan and I met while working at Mt. Bachelor, Ryan as a lift mechanic and I was in the Marketing department. We had admired each other from a distance, but didn’t exchange words for over a year. A mutual friend was the one to bring us together after she gave Ryan my phone number. My friend and I had planned to go to Ryan’s improv show, but she conveniently couldn’t make it. I initially thought Ryan and I would just make a quick plan to meet up before his show, and as the conversation lasted longer than a few words, I knew there was going to be something more. We ended up meeting for a hike to Paulina Falls on a Sunday and then spent the rest of the week going out to dinner, meeting up for drinks and spending tons of time talking. We started to meet up at work and go for walks or have lunch together, and before you knew it, we were inseparable. Cut to two and a half years later, Ryan and I went to visit his family for a long weekend in California. I grew up on the coast of New England and it’s always been on my bucket list to visit Big Sur. We made plans to visit, but the weather just didn’t want to cooperate. So instead the family loaded up in the car and we headed to Capitola to find the perfect little spot on the beach. There was a break in the downpour and we were able to enjoy the ocean for a short while. I had mentioned how much I love the ocean and Ryan responded with, “well I love you.” I thought his remark was a bit odd, and then, out of nowhere, Ryan got down on one knee and proposed. I was in shock and totally thought he was kidding around! He had snuck away the week prior, while back in Oregon, to the trail where we went on our first hike, and found the perfect river rock to propose with! Our intention was to head to Portland and visit Malka’s store when we returned to Oregon. I had been dreaming of going there since last summer when a friend and I had strolled by the shop. Our story is a bit different since we returned to Oregon in the middle of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Through all of the craziness and uncertainty, we fell in love with the most perfect vintage ring via a video call. We can’t thank Ronnie and David enough for working with us during this process, and we can’t wait to meet them in person!"
Malka Diamonds engagement ring
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