Congratulations Jen + Ryan!

Congratulations Jen + Ryan!

Ronnie Malka

At Malka Diamonds we are lucky to meet so many couples. In the 10+ years we have been open, we’ve been blessed to hear some sweet and heart-warming stories like the one below. Every couple has their own special story to tell. Their unique and one-of-a-kind connection is what makes their engagement story so meaningful.

We are thrilled to be part of Jen and Ryan’s story. Their story is a sweet one and we are so happy they were willing to share it. Thank you Jen and Ryan for choosing Malka Diamonds for this special time in your lives.

“June 6, 2018. D-day. Our first date. 2 weeks prior, I had been on a wine and bike weekend with friends.

In passing, one of the “wiser” gals in the group questioned why I was single, and promised she was “on it.” Well, 3 days later Kathy texted and simply said “I found him.” Ryan and I met up for drinks, and drinks turned in to dinner, and dinner in to shuffleboard... and shuffleboard into an “I’ll see you again” that I trusted with all my heart. Something was different about this one. 

My dad happened to be visiting me from Indiana and was staying with me, so when the call came 24 hours later for date #2, Dad joked that “if this works out, he owes me big time” and surrendered one of our precious couple father-daughter nights we get each year. This guy who had strolled into my life, neither of us expecting anything more than a painful beer and repeat “thanks for trying”, had instead forever changed it. After date number 2, I knew. 

22 months later, I have the man of my dreams, planning our life together. He does owe Dad, and each day I’ve spent getting to know him, and me... I’m better for it.

They say it only takes one, and I’m really glad it’s THIS one. 

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