The Complete Guide to Gray Diamonds

The Complete Guide to Gray Diamonds

Vicky K
There’s something special about a gray diamond. All you have to do is see one of these stunning diamonds in person to know this alternative bridal style will become a classic.
Yet to many, these diamonds still remain relatively unknown.
This guide is for those who are just learning about gray diamonds and have questions. Start here if you’re wondering if a gray engagement ring is right for you. Or contact us for a private consultation — in person or over the phone — and we’ll answer all your questions.

What are gray diamonds?

A gray diamond is a rare color of diamond — rarer than yellow or blue diamonds. This diamond comes in a variety of shades, from dark and dramatic to light and silvery. It can also be found with a speckled design (called salt-and-pepper diamonds) or a deep, metallic blue hue (called galaxy diamonds).

Gray diamond

The Complete Guide to Gray Diamonds


Salt & Pepper

The Complete Guide to Gray Diamonds


Galaxy diamond

The Complete Guide to Gray Diamonds


Where do gray diamonds come from?

It’s believed that gray diamonds are formed when they come into contact with increased levels of hydrogen or baron during their formation period. The interaction with these elements causes the structure and color of the stone to change, producing different hues and intensities of gray.

Are gray diamonds sustainable?

For many years, people only wanted clear, colorless stones. Gray diamonds were left unwanted and wasted. As people throughout the US have begun to embrace the natural beauty of gray diamonds, it has led to less waste of these otherwise beautiful diamonds!
Additionally, here at Malka Diamonds, all of our gray diamonds are obtained through UN-approved distribution channels. They adhere to the Kimberley Process Certification standards to ensure that the diamonds are conflict free.

What makes a diamond look gray?

A diamond turns grey as it interacts with hydrogen or boron during its formation. The final hue, saturation, and tone of the gray diamond will depend on how much of these elements have interacted with the diamond during its formation.
Additionally, here at Malka Diamonds, all of our gray diamonds are obtained through UN-approved distribution channels. They adhere to the Kimberley Process Certification standards to ensure that the diamonds are conflict free.
The Complete Guide to Gray Diamonds

Do gray diamonds sparkle?

Yes they do! A gray diamond is still a diamond. When it catches the light, it will sparkle, shine, and glow. If you’re all about that sparkle, our gemologists recommend custom-designing a gray ring to include light gray or white diamonds in the band or halo of the ring. Those additions will up the sparkle level even more!

Are gray diamonds more expensive?

Gray diamonds are very rare. Because of their rarity, many people assume that gray diamonds are much more expensive. However, gray diamonds are still relatively unknown, so the demand isn’t as strong.
Because of the supply vs. demand, gray diamonds are often priced closer to the more common clear (colorless) diamonds than rarer-colored stones. Just keep in mind that the popularity among gray diamonds is growing! Over the past few years, we’ve seen demand increase (and the price along with it).
If you’re interested in gray diamonds, now is a great time to purchase one of these rare beauties.

What is the most popular gray diamond style?

Many gray diamonds, including salt and pepper and galaxy diamonds, are rose cut. Rose cut is a timeless shape featuring a flat bottom and a large surface area. This geometric diamond shape is perfect for gray diamonds because the large surface helps show off the diamond’s brilliance!
The Complete Guide to Gray Diamonds
If you’re looking for a different shape, don’t worry. You can find gray diamonds in oval, cushion cut, pear shape, radiant, and kite shape as well.

How to wear a gray diamond?

Gray diamonds are a fantastic alternative engagement ring style. They’re one of our favorite types of engagement rings and are especially popular here in Portland.
Gray diamonds are known for offering simple yet mysterious characteristics. Because of their rarity, they provide a unique one-of-a-kind statement without compromising on looks and style. Additionally, just like a colorless diamond, gray diamonds fit seamlessly with any outfit or skin tone.

What to look for in a gray diamond engagement ring?

Shopping for a gray diamond is just like shopping for any type of diamond! There are 10 important things to consider when choosing a gray diamond:

  • The diamond shape you prefer

  • The 4 C’s of your diamond (remember that with a gray diamond, the clarity will have inclusions!)

  • How the store handles diamond certification and appraisals

  • The jeweler’s ability to modify your ring

  • Whether or not the store has an on-site jeweler

  • The credentials of the jewler you’re purchasing from

  • The ring’s warranties and exchange policies

  • How much the ring will appraise for

  • Any special cleaning requirements

The Complete Guide to Gray Diamonds

Where to shop for gray diamonds?

Always purchase a gray diamond from a reputable jeweler. No matter the color, buying a diamond ring is a big purchase. Choosing the right store will lead to the best experience and, more importantly, the perfect ring.

Before choosing a jewelry store, confirm that it meets these standards:

  • GIA certified gemologist on staff

  • Master craftsman jewelers on staff

  • Ring appraisals and complimentary resizing

  • Lifetime engagement ring care

  • Excellent reviews

How to buy a custom gray diamond ring

As we’ve mentioned, gray diamonds are popular among those who prefer a non-traditional engagement ring style. For those who truly want something one-of-a-kind, an off-the-shelf ring isn’t enough. In this case, a custom gray diamond ring is a great solution.
To buy a custom gray diamond ring, you need to find and work with a master craftsman jeweler and GIA certified gemologists. At Malka Diamonds, our process for creating iconic, unique, and unforgettable gray diamond rings includes:

Malka Diamonds number icon

Understanding your preferences

Before we show you a single gray diamond or look at ring bands, we want to get to know you and what you’re envisioning.


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Sketching your ring

As we learn about your vision, we'll start sketching out design ideas. We’ll also use computer design tools to help you visualize the finished ring.


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Choosing your gray diamond

This is one of the best parts of the process. We’ll show you a variety of gray diamonds — from light to dark, salt and pepper to galaxy — and help you choose the perfect one.


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Designing the setting

Our next step is designing a ring setting that complements and enhances the diamond you selected.


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Crafting the ring

Time to bring your ring to life! Our jewelers expertly craft your custom ring using the design elements you selected. The end result will be a ring that’s truly one-of-a-kind.

The Complete Guide to Gray Diamonds

Shop our collection of gray diamonds - online or in store

Malka Diamonds is the go-to shop for gray diamonds in Portland, but we work with people from throughout the US!
View our collection of gray diamonds in our pop-up online store or schedule a private appointment in our downtown store. We also offer virtual appointments for those from out of town or who prefer to learn more from the comfort of their home.
Whether you find your perfect diamond right away or want to work with us to create a custom ring, we’d love to hear from you!

The Complete Guide to Gray Diamonds
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