A Guide to Unique & Alternative Engagement Rings in Portland

A Guide to Unique & Alternative Engagement Rings in Portland

Vicky K

It's finally time to pop the question! You're in love, and you know it's the real thing. You want your partner to feel the same way about their ring.

Don't be afraid to break from tradition. If you think that a traditional engagement ring is too conventional for your relationship, don't let societal norms dictate what should and shouldn't be on your partner's finger. Get creative with an alternative ring!

Our Malka Diamonds team put together this guide to some of our favorite alternative engagement rings as a great place to start. 


Salt and pepper diamond rings

If you love the subtle shimmer of salt and pepper diamonds, why not wear your love on your finger? Salt and pepper diamond rings can be designed in any style — from solitaire, to pave, to a halo setting. And they look gorgeous whether they’re worn by themselves or alongside other stones.


Galaxy diamonds

A Guide to Unique & Alternative Engagement Rings in Portland

Galaxy diamond rings are similar to a salt and pepper diamond but filled with a mix of many black and white inclusions. This gives the diamond a unique speckled look that may resonate with an adventurous spirit. 


Asymmetrical stone shapes

One of your options for an alternative engagement ring is to use an asymmetrical stone shape. Diamonds come in a variety of shapes. There's nothing wrong with a popular round cut diamond, but if you're looking for something different, you might want to consider one of the following stone shapes:

  • Oval shaped diamond
  • Pear-shaped diamond
  • Emerald cut diamond
  • Asscher cut diamond
  • Marquise shaped diamond
  • Hex-shaped diamond
  • Kite-shaped diamond


Geometric engagement rings

A Guide to Unique & Alternative Engagement Rings in Portland

Your love is geometric: two people who fit together perfectly like puzzle pieces. Why not let that show with a geometric engagement ring? From simple hexagon solitaires to dazzling art-deco rings with multicolored stones, there’s a reason geometric engagement rings have grown so popular in the last few years!

Non-diamond stones

A diamond ring isn’t your only option. There are many other gemstones to choose from! And sapphire is one of our favorites.

Sapphires symbolize trust and loyalty, which make them an ideal choice for an engagement ring. Sapphires come in a variety of colors from blue to yellow to green, which makes them even more customizable for your personal taste.


Bohemian engagement rings

If your fiance values unconventional over tradition, a boho engagement ring might be perfect. A bohemian engagement ring typically features non-traditional cuts (such as pear or marquise), unique settings, and non-diamond, colorful stones. More elaborate and intricate than classic solitaire designs, these rings are perfect for the free-spirited individual.


Vintage engagement rings

A Guide to Unique & Alternative Engagement Rings in PortlandIf your significant other has expressed a strong affinity for vintage jewelry and other fashion accessories, it's reasonable to assume they will feel the same way about a vintage engagement ring. There’s nothing quite like a vintage ring — it carries with it a rich history that can be passed down for generations to come and is truly unique.


Something completely custom!

A custom engagement ring perfectly conveys who you really are and what your life together will be like.

Whether you want to design from scratch or customize an existing ring, our team of custom ring designers will ensure that your vision comes to life. We take our time to listen to you, hear about how you met, your favorite things to do together, and your favorite colors, shapes, and gemstones. We use all of this information to help you design a custom piece that’s truly one of a kind!


Malka Diamonds can help you find the perfect alternative engagement ring

A Guide to Unique & Alternative Engagement Rings in Portland

Malka Diamonds houses a stunning collection of unique and alternative engagement rings that are designed to impress and impossible not to love. We offer salt-and-pepper diamonds, geometric diamond rings, vintage-inspired designs, unique statement pieces, and more. 

Why choose us?

  • All our rings are ethically sourced
  • Best selection of alternative rings in the PNW
  • On staff gemologists for the best experience
  • Plus: no sales tax in Oregon!

Whether you know exactly what you’re looking for or need a little extra help, our team is here. We offer virtual consultations and online shopping options. Or visit us in our Portland store.

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