What Are Conflict-free Diamonds?

What Are Conflict-free Diamonds?

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In recent years, consumers have become more socially and environmentally conscious about the products they buy and the services they use. From shoe stores to restaurants and coffee shops, people care about sustainability and ethical supply chains. For many, when it comes to major purchases or those that hold sentimental value – such as an engagement ring – ethics are even more important.

If you’re searching for the perfect diamond ring to symbolize your love and devotion, and sustainability is important to you, it’s likely you’ve seen the term “conflict free” referring to diamonds and how they’re sourced. In this article, we’ll discuss what qualifies as a conflict-free diamond and how to choose an ethically sourced ring for your proposal.


What makes a diamond “conflict free”?

What Are Conflict-free Diamonds?

The history of diamond mining has, unfortunately, not always been ethical or free from human suffering. While an increasing proportion of diamonds on the market are conflict free, there are still many unethical and violent practices happening today that have serious implications for vulnerable populations. 

The term “conflict free” refers to diamonds that have not been mined in war-torn, or poverty-stricken regions, nor have they been used to finance or otherwise contribute to human rights violations, violent conflict, or rebel groups.


Conflict-free vs. ethical diamonds

While the terms “conflict free” and “ethical” are often used interchangeably in the diamond business, there is technically a difference. “Conflict free” only refers to the diamond’s lack of connection to war and human bloodshed. “Ethical” is used to describe diamonds that are ethically sourced at every level, meaning that mining practices also ensure environmental sustainability, safe and comfortable working conditions, and no exploitation or abuse. 

Of course, a truly desirable diamond will be conflict free and ethical, which is why it’s so important to enact and encourage change in the industry, so that every diamond can be mined with love, safety, and social and environmental responsibility in mind.


Diamond regulations

On July 29th, 2003, The Clean Diamond Trade Act was officially signed into US law. The act outlaws any transportation of blood diamonds to or from the US. 

Under these regulations, all diamonds must be verified as conflict-free through the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS) before they are permitted to be exported or imported internationally.


How to find the perfect conflict-free, ethical diamond

If an ethically sourced diamond is important to you, you’re in luck. After many years, the diamond industry is finally changing. Driven by the rise of the conscious consumer, conflict-free diamond engagement rings are in style and in demand. But remember, not all jewelers are equally committed to this new, more sustainable future. It’s important to do your research about the jeweler you’re working with, their diamond sources, and their supply-chain practices before you buy.  

As you’re searching for the ideal ring or working to create a one-of-a-kind custom engagement ring, you’ll be introduced to terms like style, setting, clarity, color, cut, and carat. You’ll have the opportunity to ask lots of questions and learn about various engagement ring styles. This is also an opportunity to ask your jeweler about where their diamonds come from and how they’re mined or created in a lab.

At Malka Diamonds, we have a large selection of natural and lab-grown diamonds. Each and every one of our natural diamonds is ethically sourced and obtained through UN-approved distribution channels to ensure we only offer our valued customers conflict-free Earth-mined diamonds.


Choose from sustainable natural and lab-grown diamond engagement rings at Portland’s most trusted diamond jeweler!

What Are Conflict-free Diamonds?

Nestled in the heart of Portland’s Pearl District, Malka Diamonds holds the same values as many of our ethically and environmentally minded Rose City customers. We’re proud to offer only ethically sourced and conflict-free natural diamonds, as well as a large selection of lab-grown diamonds.

We love working with individuals and couples as they choose (or create) the perfect diamond ring that symbolizes their unique love story and acts as a token of the future they plan to build together. Whether you choose a natural or lab-created diamond, you can rest assured you’re shopping with a jeweler who cares about how our diamonds are sourced and maintaining ethical supply chains.

Give us a call at (503) 549-4251 or book your in-person or virtual consultation online today. Take a look at our existing collections or create your own beautiful custom ring. We’re always here to answer any questions you have and we look forward to working with you!

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