Congratulations Kourtnie & Sage!

Congratulations Kourtnie & Sage!

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It is always fun to work with couples in love. Their stories are each unique and their style of rings tends to showcase just that! Sage came to Malka Diamonds hoping to find a setting & diamond that would stand out. He had a good idea of what Kourtnie wanted which is always very helpful. Sage worked with the Malka team to find just the right ring. It was very fun collobarting with Sage on this project. We were thrilled to see Kourtnie’s Instagram post about their engagement. We reached out for their story and they were happy to share it. Congratiulations you two and thank you for choosing Malka Diamonds!

“Sage and I were in the same freshman orientation group when we first met at Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon. We instantly became friends and discovered that we were both from Hawaii, and miraculously, we’ve never run into each other before.

Throughout our first year at college we were inseparable. Sage became my best friend and closest confidant. Not a single day went by where we didn’t talk to one another. I’d never felt so connected to one person. We started dating at the beginning of our sophomore year in college and 4 years later, we continue to stay by each other’s side.

The day of the proposal we were in Hawaii for a trip we planned for my birthday. The weather was the exact opposite of a picturesque day in paradise. The rain started to come down and strong winds made it difficult to stand in one place.

That morning he told me we were going out for a surprise breakfast. We were in the car for almost an hour when we stop at Makapu’u Lookout. He told me he wanted to look at the view and thinking back on it now it’s very unlike Sage to make a stop like that. But as we were huddled together in the cold looking over at Rabbit Island he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! Right when I said yes, photographers popped out from behind the cliffs and bushes to catch our reaction! Later that afternoon we celebrated our engagement with our families and homemade ice cream!

Although the weather that morning was less than perfect, it was truly amazing to see what lengths Sage went to to surprise me with our engagement. Especially with my ring! He and David worked hard to custom design my very own, unique engagement ring. The quality of my center diamond is remarkable and Sage cannot stop praising David and everyone at Malka for making this experience one to remember! Thank you all and I can’t wait to meet everyone myself!”

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