Congratulations Lauren + Kevin!

Congratulations Lauren + Kevin!

Ronnie Malka

Meet Lauren + Kevin. Kevin first came to Malka Diamonds through a referral. We instantly connected over mutual friends and our mutual love for the Nationals baseball team. Kevin wanted to create a ring that Lauren would love. In their story below,  you can see that Kevin, along with the team at Malka Diamonds, did just that:  A perfect ring for Lauren meant something classic and timeless,  but unique as well. Kevin guided our jewelers as we created a round-center diamond which is flanked with two pear-shaped diamonds. Each pear-cut diamond is bezeled with miligrain surrounding it.  This style setting allows the shape of the stones to be showcased. We are thrilled with the outcome and so are Kevin and Lauren. Please read the story below that the exquisite pair have shared. We are thrilled to be part of their special engagement.


KC LM ring.jpeg

Kevin and Lauren met at a friend's barbecue in 2013. Kevin was obsessed with a frisbee bucket game and Lauren obsessed over the delicious salsa inside the kitchen. They introduced themselves to each other during the final thirty seconds of the party when Lauren was saying her goodbyes. It was the closest thing to love-at-first-sight that either of them had ever experienced. From that day on, they were pretty inseparable, bonding over their shared love of karaoke and spur of the moment adventures. 

Flash forward four years and ten countries visited together, the pair flew to Croatia for vacation. There, Kevin proposed against two of Lauren's favorite things: ancient relics and Game of Thrones filming locations. When presented with the elegant ring of her dreams (for which she dropped heavy hints), she said yes! However, Kevin asked a waiter to film the event on Kevin's phone, and unfortunately, the waiter missed the record button. Being the enterprising man that he is, Kevin pointed to the terrace corner and asked, "Is that a security camera?"

Kevin and Lauren now have the most romantic, grainy security footage of their engagement they could have possibly imagined. They are beyond excited to tie the knot this year and with an exquisite engagement ring that Kevin designed with the Malka team. 

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