Grey Diamonds: Engagement Fad or a New Classic?

Grey Diamonds: Engagement Fad or a New Classic?

Vicky K

Over the past few years, we’ve noticed a new trend among diamond engagement ring shoppers in the Portland area: grey diamonds! In today’s post, we’ll examine the reasons why a couple might be interested in grey diamonds, show a few of our favorite grey diamond styles, and much more.


Why Grey Diamonds?


A Rare Value


Grey (sometimes spelled “gray”) diamonds are one of the rarer colors of diamonds-- much more rare than yellow and blue diamonds. Traditionally, the rarity of the diamond is reflected in its cost. However, while grey diamonds are rare, they are not yet as sought after as more common colored diamonds. This means that while the supply of grey diamonds is low, the demand is also not as great.

Grey diamonds are often priced closer to the more common clear (colorless) diamonds than rarer colored stones (like yellow diamonds). For couples interested in a colored diamond, grey diamonds may offer the best value.


A Unique Statement


Because they’re just starting to hit the mainstream, many people haven’t seen a grey diamond in person before. Pictures just don’t do them justice! A grey diamond engagement ring can be a unique statement piece that isn’t too showy. Think of a grey diamond as a colorless diamond with a luxurious and sophisticated silvery metallic je ne sais quoi.

Unlike some brightly colored diamonds, a grey diamond has a more versatile look that goes well with any outfit and skin tone.


Minimalism and Simplicity

Your engagement ring should be able to make a statement without being over the top. Even a small grey diamond is a great way to have a one-of-a-kind engagement ring that showcases minimalism and simplicity without compromising on looks and style. If you’re looking for a ring that complements your own simple and minimalist style, you can’t go wrong with a beautiful grey diamond.


Salt & Pepper Diamonds

In addition to grey diamonds, one of the biggest jewelry trends for 2018 is going to be Salt & Pepper diamonds-- colored stones that include shades of both white and black! It’s the rare inclusions in these unique stones that give them their incredible (and one-of-a-kind) beauty! 


Are Grey Diamonds Eco-Friendly & Sustainable?


Yes! In the past, diamond buyers prized perfectly clear, colorless stones (and still do to an extent). This led to many otherwise beautiful diamonds being deemed unacceptable for jewelry. As customers have begun to embrace the natural beauty of grey and salt and pepper diamonds, there is less waste of otherwise beautiful diamonds!

It’s also this sustainability that gives grey diamonds one of their most unique features: their inimitable beauty. Unlike traditionally clear, colorless diamonds which can be very difficult for non-experts to tell apart, the inclusions that give grey diamonds their color are different in every stone.

When you choose a grey or salt and pepper diamond for your engagement ring, there truly will be no other ring like it!


What is the Rose Cut?

Many grey diamonds and salt and pepper stones are rose cut. The rose cut is a timeless shape with history that dates all the way back to the 1500’s!

Rose cut diamonds feature a flat bottom which creates a larger surface area to show off the diamond’s brilliance. This is what makes the cut so perfect for uniquely colored grey and salt and pepper diamonds!


A Few of Our Favorite Grey Diamond Rings


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