Why Choose a Two-Stone Engagement Ring

Why Choose a Two-Stone Engagement Ring

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When you decide to spend the rest of your life with someone, your whole world changes. As you step into this new journey with your loved one, you deserve an engagement ring that truly embodies your shared commitment to one another.

With so many different styles out there, it can be difficult to find that perfect ring for you and your partner. If you’re just starting the process of shopping for a ring, it’s always a good idea to familiarize yourself with different aesthetics. Two-stone engagement rings are a classic category that can highlight just about any style — from modern and alternative to traditional. They’re a very popular and beautiful choice for many Portland couples.

Keep reading to learn about two-stone engagement rings, their meaning, and why they can be the perfect choice for any couple in love!


What is a two-stone engagement ring?

Why Choose a Two-Stone Engagement Ring

A two-stone engagement ring is a ring with two prominent gemstones. Toi et Moi rings — also called bypass rings – are the most popular style, featuring a band that coils around the finger and supports two matching or distinct gemstones at its ends. The term “toi et moi” is French for “you and me.”

Two-stone rings have become an incredibly popular choice all over the world, and it's not hard to see why. They’re unique and eye-catching and deliver twice the brilliance and sparkle! They can also be personalized with any type, color, and cut.


What does a two-stone engagement ring mean?

Each and every engagement ring carries a unique and intimate meaning for the couple who chooses it. But for many, the two prominent gemstones in a two-stone ring symbolize two hearts becoming one. Some couples even choose to include their two birthstones in the design.


Reasons to love a two-stone engagement ring

There are many reasons why two-stone engagement rings have become an enduring style. Here are some of the main advantages of choosing a two-stone ring for your proposal.


They’re versatile

You know your partner better than anyone. Choosing a ring that’s not only beautiful but also speaks to their unique taste and personality is an incredible way of showing just how much you love them. Two-stone rings offer you virtually endless options in terms of gemstones, shapes, colors, and more! 

You can opt for a bold, mix-and-match approach, or keep it simple with elegant matching diamonds. No matter your partner’s style, you’ll be sure to find something that perfectly symbolizes your connection.


They’re unique

Two-stone engagement rings may be popular, but they're far from ordinary. The double gems provide an interesting dynamic appearance that stands out from what you might expect from a traditional one-stone ring. 

When you show off your ring for the first time, you’re sure to get admiring glances and questions about the distinctive design. 


They’re timeless

Two-stone rings have been around for centuries, with the Toi et Moi style growing in popularity during the 18th century. The long and rich history of the style highlights its timeless appearance. 

But unlike antique or vintage rings, a two-stone engagement ring won't be pigeonholed into a specific era. Rather, the enduring design will continue to turn heads years after you say “I do.”


Malka Diamonds is here to help you choose or design the perfect engagement ring to symbolize your love and commitment

Why Choose a Two-Stone Engagement Ring

At Malka Diamonds, we believe every couple deserves an engagement ring just as unique and special as their love story. From classic bridal styles to alternative and vintage rings, each and every piece in our collection is made with the finest artisanship and attention to detail. 

We also offer custom rings. We’ll work with you at our state-of-the-art jewelry workshop to design a ring for your special someone that is truly one of a kind.

Book an in-person or virtual consultation to get started, shop online, or give us a call with any questions you have. We can’t wait to hear about your love story!
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