The Whole Picture: Why Smart Buyers Choose Local Jewelers Over Online Deals

The Whole Picture: Why Smart Buyers Choose Local Jewelers Over Online Deals

Ronnie Malka

An engagement ring is one of the most important purchases you’ll ever make in your life. Not only is it a significant financial investment, but it’s also a symbol of your love and devotion. Every love story is unique, and the process of choosing the perfect engagement ring to represent your nuptials should be personalized, enjoyable, and rewarding.

At Malka Diamonds, we believe you deserve one-on-one, expert service and attention as you select or design the ideal engagement ring for your special someone. Our experts are here to break down why you should resist the urge to buy online from a big retail store and instead work with a local jeweler.


Problems with online engagement rings

At first glance, online engagement ring shopping at a big online retailer can seem like a great way to save money and time as you plan your proposal. Unfortunately, taking this route usually means sacrificing a lot. 

Here are some of the reasons why you shouldn’t buy an engagement ring online from a national chain:

Reasons to choose a local jeweler

A personalized experience

When online shopping at a big retailer, you inevitably lose the authentic feeling of working one-on-one with a local jeweler. Reputable local jewelers are truly devoted to both the craft of jewelry making and the art of customer service. Walking through a physical store gives you the chance to see and touch each piece and discover the designs and materials that speak to you and your true love. 

Restorations and repairs

One of the biggest risks of purchasing a ring online from a big retailer is that once you receive the ring, it won’t look anything like what you thought you were purchasing. Not to mention, it might not fit correctly, and require shipping it back to get it resized. Working with an online retailer for returns, repairs, sizing, or cleaning is a long process, typically taking months before you have your ring back. 

At Malka Diamonds, we offer a lifetime warranty on our rings for your total peace of mind. Need some help with your ring? Our expert jewelry restoration specialists will seamlessly repair, restore, and resize your ring with a quick 5 to 7-day turnaround. Plus, you’ll enjoy complimentary ring cleanings for life.

Custom, one-of-a-kind designs

Each couple has their own story to tell, and your engagement ring should reflect the uniqueness of your love. When you work with a local jeweler like Malka, you can create your own custom engagement ring. Whether you already have a clear vision in your head or you have no idea where to start, our skilled artisans will help you design and craft the perfect one-of-a-kind ring for your sweetheart.

Expert advice from certified gemologists

The world of engagement rings can be overwhelming, and seeking guidance from experts can help bring the process into focus. At Malka, our GIA-certified gemologists bring years of experience and unmatched expertise to your journey. Even if you know nothing about engagement rings, our incredible jewelers will give you the personalized service you need to make an informed decision.

The ability to ask questions

You shouldn’t have to be an expert yourself to find the perfect ring for your engagement. With a decision this important, you should have access to high-quality information from a trusted source. When you work with a local store, expert jewelers are there to answer any and all questions you may have. 

A community experience

Your love story exists in a particular time and place. Buying an engagement ring from a local boutique jeweler who’s part of your community can be a truly special experience. At Malka Diamonds, for example, we uphold many of the values that most Portlanders hold near and dear to their hearts. From our commitment to serving LGBTQ+ couples to our strong focus on sustainability and conflict-free, ethical diamonds, we truly walk the walk.


Our local jewelers at Malka can help you find the perfect ring in Portland

Whether you’re looking for a vintage ring, a classic bridal style, a unique alternative piece, or you want to create your own custom design, a local jeweler is the way to go. At Malka Diamonds, our expert craftsmen and certified gemologists are here to help you find the ring of your (and your loved one’s) dreams. 

Contact us today to schedule a one-on-one consultation or call us at (503) 549-4251 to learn more!

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