Salt-and-Pepper Diamonds - An Ethical Alternative for the Modern Couple

Salt-and-Pepper Diamonds - An Ethical Alternative for the Modern Couple

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Presenting your partner with a diamond engagement ring is the perfect way to symbolize your love and commitment. But choosing the right ring can be a bit overwhelming, especially given how many choices there are these days.

Diamond rings are an enduring tradition. But that doesn’t mean you have to stick to the status quo. Younger generations are more focused on finding pieces that fit their own individual style with a focus on sustainability.

Alternative diamonds are becoming more sought-after, especially for couples looking to find rings as unique as they are. Salt-and-pepper diamonds can be included in both men’s and women’s styles to create gorgeous alternative engagement rings that embody elegance and intrigue.

Keep reading to learn more about salt-and-pepper diamonds and why they may be the ideal choice for you!


What are salt-and-pepper diamonds?

Salt-and-Pepper Diamonds - An Ethical Alternative for the Modern Couple

Naturally grown diamonds form deep in the Earth over millions of years. Over time, extreme temperatures and high pressures leave lasting inclusions and imperfections in the diamond itself. While all natural diamonds have these inclusions, the ones found on traditional white engagement ring diamonds are virtually undetectable.

Salt-and-pepper diamonds, on the other hand, have deeper, larger, and more visible inclusions. These “imperfections” may appear as soft black-and-white specks, or they may cover large portions of the diamond, giving it an opaque and almost black appearance. Because inclusions form naturally, no two diamonds will look exactly the same, making each diamond and its individual colorations perfectly unique.


Why salt-and-pepper diamonds are growing in popularity

For years, diamonds have been valued based on their clarity (lack of inclusions), especially when it comes to engagement rings. However, in recent years, alternative and unique engagement rings have become more and more popular, especially with young and modern couples looking to go against the grain.

Salt-and-pepper diamonds in particular are becoming more sought after. Because diamond pricing is based on demand, and clear white diamonds are so traditionally desired, you can find gorgeous salt-and-pepper rings at a price that’s considerably more affordable. This makes them especially attractive to young couples just starting their journey together.

But it’s about more than just pricing. The individuality and dynamic appearance of salt-and-pepper diamonds add flair to each stone. This creates an ethereal and distinct appearance that has contributed to the rising popularity of these one-of-a-kind engagement rings.


Benefits of a salt-and-pepper diamond engagement ring

Salt-and-Pepper Diamonds - An Ethical Alternative for the Modern Couple

There are many reasons to choose a salt-and-pepper diamond. Whether you’re looking for the perfect ring to surprise your loved one or you’re working together to find a gorgeous and unique representation of your love, a salt-and-pepper diamond may be the alternative ring for you!

Here are a few benefits of choosing a salt-and-pepper ring:



The diamond-mining industry hasn’t always been as sustainable as it is today, and a lot of diamonds have historically gone to waste. Miners have often sifted through thousands of diamonds to find gems with perfect clarity that can be sold for jewelry; in fact, only about 20% of mined diamonds have historically been used.

Because salt-and-pepper diamonds are more abundant, the mining process is far more sustainable. Of course, with naturally sourced diamonds, it’s always important to choose a company that adheres to the Kimberley Process, which ensures that diamonds are ethically and sustainably sourced.

At Malka Diamonds, we’re committed to making the diamond industry free of human suffering and environmental harm. That’s why we exclusively offer natural and lab-grown rings that are certified conflict-free and environmentally friendly.



For most young couples starting their lives together, expenses can be a huge barrier to finding the perfect engagement or wedding ring. Luckily, you can still find a gorgeous piece to symbolize your enduring love without going over your budget.

Because clear diamonds are so rare, they are a considerable investment. Given that alternative ring styles are thriving in the modern age, why not choose a more affordable diamond that has a unique and captivating effect to celebrate you and your partner?



No two diamonds are exactly the same. That’s what makes the specs and colors in salt-and-pepper rings so appealing. They’re known for their rawness and mystery, providing an appearance that is sure to turn heads. When you opt for a diamond with visible inclusions, you’re certain to get a ring that is truly one of a kind. Salt-and-pepper diamonds can also come in a variety of cuts and styles, meaning you can choose a ring that’s just as special as your love story.

The modern age has shown that true, long-lasting love can be found in many forms, and salt-and-pepper diamonds are one of the best ways to represent that truth.


Malka Diamonds is here to help you find the perfect ring in any style

Salt-and-Pepper Diamonds - An Ethical Alternative for the Modern Couple

Malka Diamonds is a full-service jeweler in Portland, Oregon. We’re dedicated to offering rings made with care and artisanship. We offer lab-grown and naturally sourced diamonds of all kinds. Whether you're looking for an alternative ring or a classic bridal style, we can help you find or design the perfect piece to represent your love.

We can’t wait to hear about your story! Book an in-person or virtual consultation or call us at (503) 222-5205 to ask any questions you may have.

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