11 Epic Proposal Locations Near Mt. Hood

11 Epic Proposal Locations Near Mt. Hood

Vicky K
11 Epic Proposal Locations Near Mt. Hood

Planning a special proposal? There’s so many beautiful places in Oregon it can be hard to pick. In today’s post, we’ll share some of the best places for an epic proposal near Mt. Hood.

Trillium Lake

11 Epic Proposal Locations Near Mt. Hood

Ray Rischpater on Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Trillium Lake is home to the iconic postcard view of Mt. Hood soaring above a beautiful blue alpine lake. It’s easily accessible, located just a few miles from Government Camp. However, it does get crowded, especially on sunny summer days.

Our recommendation for an epic proposal at Trillium Lake would be on the dam, looking out towards Mt. Hood at sunrise. You’ll beat the crowds and share an unforgettable moment together!

Timberline Lodge

11 Epic Proposal Locations Near Mt. Hood

Jeff Hitchcock on Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

No matter what time of the year you’re planning to pop the question, Timberline Lodge is a great place for it. Timberline is just up the road from Government Camp. It opened in 1937 and still has all of its rustic yet luxurious charm.

Our pick for a semi-private proposal would be in the lodge’s main room. There you’ll find cozy and comfortable chairs around a roaring fire and soaring stone chimney. Just remember to book your room at Timberline Lodge early, it fills up quickly!

Hood River

11 Epic Proposal Locations Near Mt. Hood

Edwin & Kelly Tofslie on Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Hood River is a charming town about an hour from Mt. Hood. Located on the Columbia River, its known as the Windsurfing Capital Of The World — but it’s a great place to propose, too! The main area in town features great restaurants, boutiques, and art galleries.

If you’re planning to propose in Hood River, we recommend visiting during the spring or summer and staying at one of the luxurious hotels near the river. Book a room right on the water and pop the question on a private balcony with an amazing view.


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Ramona Falls

11 Epic Proposal Locations Near Mt. Hood

Tourists can’t stay away from Multnomah Falls. But if you’re looking for a more private proposal that’s just as gorgeous, how about Ramona Falls near Mt. Hood? It’s a bit of a hike — about 3 miles each way — but the views are worth it!

The trailhead is located about 20 minutes from Rhododendron and gets crowded during the summer. Your best bet will be to visit early on a weekday. You’ll likely have the trail all to yourself. There are plenty of places along the trail for the perfect proposal, whether at Ramona Falls or at one of the many viewpoints where you’ll see Mt. Hood in all its glory.

Mirror Lake

11 Epic Proposal Locations Near Mt. Hood

Maurice on Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Just a few miles from Trillium Lake, Mirror Lake is another spot that’s perfect for an epic proposal. After a short 1.5 mile hike from the trailhead, you’ll get an amazing picture-perfect view of Mt. Hood.

This is one of the most popular hiking spots near Mt. Hood. During the summer it’s common for the trail to be crowded — even early in the morning. Believe it or not, it’s actually better to visit in the winter! The crowds are less intense and you can snowshoe or cross-country ski along the trail and propose in a winter wonderland!

Snowshoeing Near White River

11 Epic Proposal Locations Near Mt. Hood

Another great idea for a winter proposal near Mt. Hood would be snowshoeing near White River at White River West Sno-Park. It’s right off of Route 35 and is great for both beginner and experienced snowshoers.

There aren’t many trees in the area so you’ll get lots of wide open space and plenty of fantastic Mt. Hood views. Any of them would be the perfect place for an outdoorsy winter proposal.

Silcox Hut

11 Epic Proposal Locations Near Mt. Hood

Mt. Hood Territory on Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Did you know that over 1000’ above Timberline Lodge, there’s a cozy and private lodge you can rent? That’s right — it’s Silcox Hut, one of the most charming and unique places to stay in all of Oregon. If you’re planning to propose and celebrate with family and friends, it’s an amazing option. Silcox can be booked for groups of 12-24 people and includes transportation to and from Timberline Lodge as well as breakfast the next morning.

Wake up early and propose as the sun is rising over Mt. Hood. It’s something you’ll never forget!

On the slopes

11 Epic Proposal Locations Near Mt. Hood

Image credit to Cheap Snow Gear Ltd

If you and your partner love the outdoors, how about proposing on the ski slopes near Mt. Hood? We wouldn’t recommend a proposal on the chairlift itself — we’ve heard of couples who have tried that and dropped the ring!


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A romantic retreat

11 Epic Proposal Locations Near Mt. Hood

If you’re looking for something more private, look on VRBO or AirBnB and book a private rental near Rhododendron or Zigzag. There are plenty of great places available, many with hot tubs, great views, and other romantic touches.

Touring the Fruit Loop

11 Epic Proposal Locations Near Mt. Hood

Is there anything more romantic than the Hood River Valley during the fall? There’s cider, pie, apples, wine, flowers, great food, and much more! You and your partner can enjoy a lovely day in one of the most beautiful places in Oregon and then propose when the moment feels right.

The Fruit Loop is made up of nearly 30 orchards within easy driving distance of Hood River. A few of our favorite places to visit include:

  • Draper Girls Country Farm

  • Kyokawa Family Orchards & Fruit Stand

  • Mt. Hood Winery

  • Wy'East Vineyards

Mt. Hood summit — adventurous couples only!

11 Epic Proposal Locations Near Mt. Hood

If you’re especially adventurous, why not propose at the highest point in Oregon: the summit of Mt. Hood itself! Spectacular views and an incredible story to tell the grandkids about one day.

Climbing Mt. Hood isn’t for beginners. If you and you partner are experienced climbers, book a guided climb. If you’re planning ahead, consider taking mountaineering classes with the Mazamas, a Portland-based outdoors group.

If you do go this route, please leave the ring at home. Celebrate when you get back down and enjoy the moment for what it is.

Tell us your epic engagement story!

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