Congratulations Lauren + Kevin!

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Meet Lauren + Kevin. Kevin first came to Malka Diamonds through a referral. We instantly connected over mutual friends and our mutual love for the Nationals baseball team. Kevin wanted to create a ring that Lauren would love. In their story below,  you can see that Kevin, along with the team at Malka Diamonds, did just that:  A perfect ring for Lauren meant something classic and timeless,  but unique as well. Kevin guided our jewelers as we created a round-center diamond which is flanked with two pear-shaped diamonds. Each pear-cut diamond is bezeled with miligrain surrounding it.  This style setting allows the shape of the stones to be showcased. We are thrilled with the outcome and so are Kevin and Lauren. Please read the story below that the exquisite pair have shared. We are thrilled to be part of their special engagement.

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Kevin and Lauren met at a friend's barbecue in 2013. Kevin was obsessed with a frisbee bucket game and Lauren obsessed over the delicious salsa inside the kitchen. They introduced themselves to each other during the final thirty seconds of the party when Lauren was saying her goodbyes. It was the closest thing to love-at-first-sight that either of them had ever experienced. From that day on, they were pretty inseparable, bonding over their shared love of karaoke and spur of the moment adventures. 

Flash forward four years and ten countries visited together, the pair flew to Croatia for vacation. There, Kevin proposed against two of Lauren's favorite things: ancient relics and Game of Thrones filming locations. When presented with the elegant ring of her dreams (for which she dropped heavy hints), she said yes! However, Kevin asked a waiter to film the event on Kevin's phone, and unfortunately, the waiter missed the record button. Being the enterprising man that he is, Kevin pointed to the terrace corner and asked, "Is that a security camera?"

Kevin and Lauren now have the most romantic, grainy security footage of their engagement they could have possibly imagined. They are beyond excited to tie the knot this year and with an exquisite engagement ring that Kevin designed with the Malka team. 



Congratulations Erin + Jordan!


Congratulations to Erin + Jordan! We are thrilled for these two. Jordan worked closely with Tessa here at Malka Diamonds to craft this exceptional oval diamond engagement ring. It is clearly a real beauty. Jordan shared the below story with us and we loved it! We are so honored to be part of this exciting time in their lives. Thanks for choosing Malka Diamonds.

"Erin and I met in the fall of 2007 through a mutual friend at the University of Notre Dame. Go Irish! Erin’s first impression of me was mixed—Erin met me after I had been at a costume party dressed as Eminem. Erin didn’t realize it was a costume, and was a little skeptical of me. Although we remained friendly for the rest of college, we lost touch once we graduated. After college, Erin moved to Chicago, and I moved to Miami for Law School. We didn’t run into each other until summer of 2012 when Erin and I both attended an alumni weekend in Chicago. With a little encouragement from the same mutual friend who introduced us in 2007, I asked her out for sushi. We spent the next four years dating in Chicago, but Erin had always had her eyes on returning to her home state of Oregon. In the summer of 2016, Erin moved back to Portland and I took a leap of faith and joined her knowing that I wanted to marry her when the time was right.

After living in Portland for a year, I knew that the time was right (and Erin definitely thought the time was right). Erin wanted to be surprised  by the ring, and was not interested in ring shopping. However, I felt uncomfortable picking something out without her opinion. So, I did my research, and I found Malka and convinced Erin to come with me by telling her that the final design would be a surprise. When we got to Malka, we met Tessa, and she immediately put me at ease by taking notes about what Erin liked. Once we had an idea of what Erin liked, I worked with Tessa on the ring design. I met with Tessa a few more times to help design what I hoped would take Erin’s breath away.

For the proposal, I knew that I wanted to incorporate a special tradition that Erin and I have during the holidays. For the past five Christmases, Erin and I have exchanged stocking stuffers throughout the month of December. On December 9, 2017, I told her that I had a few stocking gifts for her. The first present was a framed picture of Erin and I. As Erin was trying to figure out where to put the picture, I got down on one knee and proposed. She was very surprised and said yes. We then went to dinner at her favorite restaurant to celebrate. I can definitely say the ring took her breath away."

A Perfect Vintage Ring For A Perfect Couple!


We are lucky to call these two our friends. Jerami and Nir reside in San Francisco but they have a strong love for Portland. The two have been married for over 9 years and have a wonderful daugther, Eden, who's middle name is after Jerami's grandmother, Adele. Adele passed away when Jerami was seven-years-old. The two were very close. Jerami's mother gifted Jerami with her grandmother's vintage platinum diamond band on her wedding day. She wears it every day and thinks of her grandmother often. Inside the wedding band is the wedding date September 8,1941 and their names (the ring was purchased at the family's department store in Texas). 

Nir recently reached out to Malka Diamonds. He wanted a beautiful ring for his wife, Jerami. We had a few ideas including a platinum art deco vintage diamond ring that houses two tapered baguette diamonds. It is a true beauty and gets tons of attention in our vintage case. Nir was thrilled with what we suggested.

Last Sunday night, Nir surprised Jerami with this stunning, timeless piece. He did not know, nor did we, that the platinum vintage ring would be a perfect match to Adele's heirloom diamond band. Jerami was thrilled. 

Thank you Nir and Jerami for choosing Malka Diamonds for this special purchase. We have a feeling this ring will be a future heirloom.

Soccer In The Blood!


Pablo Moreira, one of the Timbers' soccer coaches, was just in at Malka Diamonds picking up a special family piece. Pablo first became a friend of Malka Diamonds & Jewerly when he was hunting for an engagement ring for his now wife of many years. Since then, Pablo pops in to Malka Diamonds to catch up and give us the latest on our beloved Timber team. We always enjoy his visits.

Most recently, Pablo came in to have his championship ring repurposed into a piece he could wear everyday. Pablo comes from a line of soccer players including his well-known soccer-star father, Jose "Chico" Moreira. Chico played for the small country of Uruguay. He was part of the Uruguay's most memorable win in the 80s, when their small country won the championship. Chico was honored with a gold medal, but knew he would not wear it. His wife, Pablo's mom, decided to take the gold medal and have a jeweler melt the gold to create a chain. She then purchased a special charm from Uruguay so he could always remember the historic event he was part of. Years later, Pablo and his sister added a "#1" charm for their number one dad. 

On Pablo's 30th birthday, his father, Chico, gifted him with the special gold chain necklace. Little did the family know that Pablo's Timber team would win the championship that year and and he himself would receive a gold championship ring.

Two years later, Pablo decided he would memorialize the recent passing of his father and add one more charm to the necklace. He had the team at Malka Diamonds & Jewelry of Downtown Portland, create a new charm by removing the face of the championship ring. Pablo was overwhelmed when he saw the charm on his late father's necklace.  He placed the necklace over his head so that he could wear it everyday.  It is a perfect piece to remind him of his family's history and love of soccer. Thank you Pablo for choosing Malka Diamonds to help you with this special piece. We are honored.