How to Choose an Anniversary Ring: A Complete Guide for Portlanders

How to Choose an Anniversary Ring: A Complete Guide for Portlanders

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When it comes to expressing love and commitment, few gestures are as significant as gifting an anniversary ring. Whether you're celebrating your first year or your fiftieth together, selecting the perfect anniversary ring can be both thrilling and overwhelming.

But with the help of this guide and the one-on-one assistance from our expert Portland jewelers, we’ll have you walking out our door with the perfect anniversary ring in no time.


When to gift an anniversary ring

Wedding etiquette provides some gift theme guidelines based on your anniversary year. These rules suggest giving paper on your first anniversary, wood on the fifth, and tin or aluminum on the 10th. But for most couples, these gift traditions feel a little...outdated.

While there are no specific guidelines for anniversary rings, modern-day couples have found this type of gift to be a unique and memorable way to celebrate anniversary benchmarks. 

Don’t feel beholden to giving certain gifts on certain years. We encourage our customers to buy an anniversary ring whenever it feels right.


How to wear an anniversary ring

How to Choose an Anniversary Ring: A Complete Guide for Portlanders

Which finger should you wear an anniversary ring on? There’s no hard and fast rule, but many people chose to wear an anniversary ring on the same finger as their engagement ring and wedding band. 

If your partner decides to wear it in this way, etiquette suggests it should be placed in this order:

  • The wedding ring should sit closest to your heart, on the bottom of the ring stack
  • Next comes the engagement ring
  • Finally, the anniversary band is stacked on top

If the anniversary ring does not fit right in this order, or if your partner wants a ring that’s completely different than the wedding rings, there are other ways you can wear it, including:

  • In place of the engagement ring
  • On the third finger of the right hand
  • On the index finger of either hand

Before deciding on a ring, you should have an idea of how your partner may want to wear it. This will help determine what style to choose.


Choosing an anniversary ring style

Anniversary rings typically don’t feature one center stone. Instead, they’re set with multiple stones. However, the style you choose depends on how (and where) the ring will be worn.

For example, if your partner wants to retire the original wedding band and replace it with the anniversary ring, or wear it on the right hand, you have the flexibility to choose from any design. If the anniversary ring will be paired with the existing wedding ring, then it should have a similar look and feel.

Vintage, designer, or custom?

Start by thinking about what type of ring you’re interested in:

  • A vintage ring gives you the opportunity to embrace a timeless style and continue the ring’s history.
  • A designer ring comes from a top-selling jewelry maker and will take your partner’s breath away with its expert craftsmanship and beauty
  • A custom ring offers you the chance to give your partner something truly one-of-a-kind, customized to their style and personality.

Identifying the ring setting

Once you have an idea of the type of ring you’re looking for, consider the style of ring setting your partner will like the most.

There are 4 common types of anniversary ring settings:

How to Choose an Anniversary Ring: A Complete Guide for Portlanders

1. Channel — In the classic anniversary ring style, two pieces of metal form a channel in the ring that’s capable of holding as many gemstones as you’d like. The channel acts as a protective barrier for the stones while presenting a magical, floating look to the ring.

How to Choose an Anniversary Ring: A Complete Guide for Portlanders

2. Group Setting — With this style of ring, multiple gemstones or diamonds set closely together in a cluster or pattern. A group setting creates a visually striking and unique look by combining multiple stones in various shapes, sizes, and colors. The result is a ring that gives off an almost continuous sparkle.

How to Choose an Anniversary Ring: A Complete Guide for Portlanders

3. Bezel — This setting provides your gemstones with an elegant and elevated collar that wraps around the gemstone in complete metal edging. Many people are drawn to this look because of the way it gives off the appearance of being larger than it actually may be. It also ensures the gemstone is very secure.

How to Choose an Anniversary Ring: A Complete Guide for Portlanders

4. Prong A prong setting has a little metal claw that grips a stone tightly, holding it in place. This style maximizes light penetration to increase the sparkle of the ring.

While these are the most common, this list is certainly not exhaustive. The simplest and most effective way to understand your options is to visit a Portland jewelry store and see them in person! 

Pick a gemstone & metal 

Many people wonder what type of gemstone and band metal to choose for their anniversary ring. The answer is: whichever stone your partner will like the most! Of course, there are more considerations to make, but in the end, this is the most important one.

For inspiration, take a look at the gemstone or metal that’s associated with your anniversary year:

  • First Anniversary: Gold
  • 5th Anniversary: Sapphire
  • 10th Anniversary: Diamonds
  • 15th Anniversary: Ruby (Rhodolite Garnet and  Alexandrite are also common)
  • 20th Anniversary: Emerald (or a yellow or gold diamond)

See more stones by anniversary year.

Don’t feel pressured to stick to these rules. For example, if you’re celebrating your first anniversary but your partner doesn’t like gold, choose something else! 

Moreover, many stones cater to various personalities. If your partner has a taste for something distinctive and unconventional, consider the captivating allure of salt and pepper diamonds. They make for an excellent choice. 

Other gemstone considerations to make include:

  • How the color will look paired with or next to your partner’s current engagement ring and wedding band
  • Whether or not a particular type of stone or metal fits your partner’s style
  • How large you want the ring to be
  • Your budget
  • The cut of the diamond

Remember, the cut of the diamond plays a crucial role in its brilliance and sparkle. The cut enhances the stone's inherent qualities. If you’re looking for a unique piece, you can choose the Malka Allure cut, a beautiful combination of an elongated cushion cut and an emerald cut.

Learn more about diamond cuts. 


Always put quality first

Always work with a trusted jeweler to ensure you end up with a high-caliber ring. This is especially important if you’re choosing a diamond anniversary ring, as you want to be sure you can trust the quality of the diamonds.

When deciding where to purchase an anniversary ring, verify the jeweler's reputation and ability to provide top-quality rings and service by looking for a jeweler who...

  • Has GIA certified Gemologists and master craftsmen on staff
  • Offers ring appraisals and complimentary resizing
  • Provides lifetime ring care
  • Has excellent reviews and is trusted in the community

We’d love to help you find the perfect anniversary ring

How to Choose an Anniversary Ring: A Complete Guide for Portlanders

At Malka Diamonds, we have the best anniversary ring selection in Portland and make it easy to find the perfect ring.

We also offer custom-designed anniversary rings to ensure you end up with a style that is unique to your story. Our goal is to help you walk away with a ring that both you and your partner will love for many more years of marriage!

Visit our store in Portland and we’ll help you browse our selection of rings, help you understand what to look for, and answer all your questions. Or give us a call at (503) 222-5205 to learn more.
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